Chicken Soup for the parenting soul -

Chicken Soup for the parenting soul

I made another huge stock pot of my famous Chicken Noodle Soup.  I made it a bit different this time.

Here’s what’s inside:

8 fresh chicken  quarters
2 large bags of fresh mixed veggies (broccoli, carrots etc)
Flax oil
Dandelion greens
Frozen pasta
2 large red onions

Everything boils for about 6 hours before I add the noodles.  This is Emmett’s favorite thing I make and he usually has about 2 bowls.

Elliott won’t come within 10 feet of it.

Lizze, who does not the typically like chicken noodle Soup but she really likes mine. 

I’m able to hide tons of veggies in the soup so that those who eat it,  don’t even realize there’s anything hidden..


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I’ve never heard of putting oatmeal in chicken noodle.  Interesting.  🙂

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Hello, The ingredients seems great!  Are they organic?  Autoimmune disorders is a growing epidemic, and autism is a problem.  Your diet plays a great role.  If you want to hear a great story from a doctor who recovered from an autoimmune disorder, go to and watch her video.


It may taste great but I’m sorry, Rob, it looks like toxic sludge to me. Some exotic slime that, in a movie, might give the protagonist mutant powers.


MeaghanGood ouch…. Well, everything had settled to the top. Once it’s actually stirred up and in a bowl, it looks like chicken soup. 😛 🙂

Autoimmunde Disorders

lostandtired MeaghanGood I think it looks great!  Wish I had a bowl right now, it’s cold here, too.

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