Seeing the world through smudge caked glasses

I have this weird little thing.  I’m huge into technology, which isn’t a secret. However, I’m also very particular about things as well. 

My phone for example, is cleaned daily. I love spraying the cleaning spray on the screens of things like phones, tablets, TV and laptops, then gently wiping them clean with a nice microfiber cloth. Much like the Monk, on the old TV show with the same name, smudges drive me nuts.
As a parent to 3 boys that lay down the smudges faster than I can wipe them up, I sometimes feel myself just twitching, when I go to turn on the TV and see the finger smudges all over it. 

Now we have a new smudge collector in the house and I’m twitching a lot more often now but at the same time, I get the satisfaction of making the smudges go away as well.

Emmett started wearing glasses a couple of weeks ago. 
His eyesight is so bad that even with his glasses looking like they do in the pictures below, he sees better and it doesn’t seem to bother him.

I bet you I wipe these things off half a dozen times a day. 

Putting my proclivities aside for a moment, I don’t know how he can deal with seeing his world through those smudge caked glasses.

I suppose that his vision  was so bad without the glasses that even with them as dirty as they are, he still sees better. 

What also gets me is just how particular he is about everything in his life.  His chicken nuggets have to be perfect but his glasses can look like this? Color me confused.

I guess there’s still a lot I need to learn. 



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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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That would drive me insane; I have an obsession with cleaning smudges on things too!  I’ve learned to deal with it with my SG3 tho and just wipe it on my shirt from time to time because that’s a losing battle.  *lol*