I fu@king hate the time change -

I fu@king hate the time change

I write about this every year because I really truly hate.  Today we are Springing Forward. I’m not opposed to gaining some extra daylight as we make the lush towards warmer months. 

The problem I have is the inevitable disaster that will be facing my kids.


This always happens because their biological clocks will fight to the death in opposition of the time change and their schedules will be thrown off. 

We see a couple of things happen as a result of either moving the clocks ahead or back.

The first huge problem is bedtime.  They always have a hard time sleeping after the time change. Subsequently  they also have a hard time getting up in the morning.  The boys will also be a bit cranky as well.

Sometimes this transition can be relatively smooth and last only a few days.  However, we have also seen it last a few weeks before as well. 

I know this can be a common problem because every time I write about it, people always share their disdain for the time change also.

How do your kids handle this event? Do they struggle or do they adjust well? If they struggle, what do you don’t help ease the transition? If they don’t struggle, can you please share you friggin secret because I’m going to very likely lose my mind if you don’t.  😉

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I just lose my damn mind right along with my son and he’s a “normal” 2 year old. (As normal a a toddler gets at any rate) arrgh.


@amber amen 🙂


DST is a bit on the stupid side for anyone – but it does serve to point out just how arbitrary our system of time is, and how we’ve structured our society around this system instead of what’s natural.
Studies show DST costs us some $10.6m annually (not sure whether that’s public, private, or both). You might be interested in signing this petition: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/eliminate-bi-annual-time-change-caused-daylight-savings-time/ShChxpKh


k0nane I thought it had something to do with farming, way back in the day. I do know that it’s a pain in the a$$…. It’s nice to hear from you again my friend. How’s everything on your end of the pool?

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