#Autism, #SPD and the human jungle gym -

#Autism, #SPD and the human jungle gym

I never knew that becoming a father required me to turn into a human jungle gym. All day long today, Emmett has been using me as a jungle gym. He keeps climbing all over me and using his elbows to do it. 

Holy crap are his elbows sharp and bony.

I love Emmett,  I really, really do.  However,  I could do with him finding something else to climb on. 

This is the down side to Emmett losing OT and PT.

I can’t wait for the warmer weather so I can get Emmett out to the playground and retire myself from being the human jungle gym. 


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i don’t know if this is even possible, but what about buying a simple rope ladder and hanging it from a door way or something like that? As long as you kind of keep him in arms reach, he could go up and down as he pleases and you don’t get the bruises.


rmagliozzi that’s a good idea 🙂

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