Who wants a free $25 gift certificate to CafePress?

Who wants a free $25 gift certificate to CafePress?

 Who wants a free $25 gift certificate to CafePress?


This is pretty straight forward. Enter below and you could win a $25 gift certificate to CafePress, courtesy of CafePress. 🙂

If you aren’t familiar with CafePress, they are a huge online retailer that carries things like iPhone 5 cases, cool invitationsgreeting cards and things for the home like,themed shower curtains, unique themed bedding and cute styled pillows.

CafePress is an absolutely amazing store and features an even more amazing costumer service experience.

For this reason, I have chosen CafePress to be the location of my Autism Awareness Store.

You can use this gift certificate to purchase Autism Awareness gear, just in time for Autism Awareness Month. 🙂


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My son has autism. Autism affects each individual differently, but I’ve found at least one similarity between my son and every person with autism who I’ve encountered.


dreamofmusic768 http://t.co/7iiJbKjuKtuKt


One fact about Autism, There is no cure for autism, and most individuals with ASD will need support and services throughout their lifetime.


Autism effects everyone, they just might not know it yet!


love your new “button”!


Autism affects 1 in 88.


KathrynRogers. The new study is saying 1 in 50.


Fact about autism:  It effects the WHOLE family…forever.


Scientists don’t know for sure what causes it.


TarynP Hey Taryn, thanks for the RT. I hear you’re getting your real estate license, is that correct?


Daddymojo hi you! Yes I did get my FL real estate license. enjoying finding awesome investments for clients. How’ve you been?


TarynP All is groovy. Writing for a couple clients, managing things social media. Are you exclusively doing investment prop in #Florida?


Daddymojo no all kinds of property- just esp enjoying finding good steals 🙂


TarynP Steals, or gems in the rough are good indeed. Plus, being a realtor is good for raising kids.


Fact about autism? They are not dumb/stupid! These people know much more than given credit for! Some just cannot verbalize it!


I’ve been looking at Cafepress for a while for an autism bumper sticker and a shirt. Neat!

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