Things they don’t teach them in school

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Today Elliott spent some time working in the yard with my Dad. Grandpa was teaching Elliott about using tools correctly and safely.

They were cleaning up the yard.  Spring cleaning if you will.

Elliott was using the loppers to cut up brush.  My Dad had asked him to cut them up into 6 inch pieces so they would fit in the bag. 

When I arrived to pick him up, I couldn’t get Elliott to leave.  He was so focused on helping Grandpa finish up that I had to practically drag him out of there. He was so proud of himself for being able to use tools and help Grandpa out. 

This type of real life experience is so important, especially for kids on the Autism spectrum because these are life skills that they don’t learn in school.

My kids absolutely love to learn things like this.  They love to help out on projects around the house. It’s important to me that I help prepare them for life and teach them everything I can, while I can. 



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