Today’s Victory: All checked out

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We began this morning at the Vets office with Emmett’s kitten, Blue.. Blue needed to be checked out before he goes in to get neutered on Tuesday morning. 

Blue had to get a couple shots and the boys wanted to be there for moral support.  🙂

Everything checked out okay and he’s cleared to get fixed next week. This was a great start to the day.  Of course, shortly after that, the day went downhill really fast.  🙁

With that said, I’ll count this as a victory.  🙂


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Because I’m telling everybody who understands, I’m going to announce two autism victories of my own from tonight: VIctory #1: My boyfriend Michael sent me out to get chips and donuts, preferably cherry variety but if they didn’t have that he didn’t much care what he got. A friend of his also wanted donuts, cinnamon ones. I went to the grocery store, obtained the items in question and was trying to pay at one of those self check-out places (I HATE those) when the scanner refused to read either donut box’s barcode. I tried like six or seven times each… Read more »


Great job. You should be proud. :-*


MeaghanGood That is SO wonderful to hear!  It is great that you can look back and really see the progress you have made.  Could you please share why you think you have made this progress? I am a Kdg. teacher that gets the spectrum kids in her class to give them a chance at a “normal” classroom. I am always on the lookout for new/different ways to help the kids. THANSK!


MeaghanGood is awesome 🙂


@kimkats MeaghanGood I’ve been in therapy off and on for almost ten years, mostly for depression, but my latest therapist actually specializes in autism and she’s been helping a lot. Also I have a boyfriend who keeps teaching me about human behavior and actually expecting me to act like a normal person. If I do something wrong, he’ll correct me (usually in private). If I come to him with some situation and ask him how to act, he’ll tell me. I’m a high-functioning autistic with a really high IQ, but one that got no treatment at all till age 22. (I’m 27… Read more »