The eye exam at @AkronChildrens: Prepping Emmett -

The eye exam at @AkronChildrens: Prepping Emmett

Lizze and I have arrive with Emmett in tow, at Akron Children’s Hospital to see Dr. Lawhon in pediatric ophthalmology.

As you may recall from a few months ago and tons of super cute pictures, Emmett has been wearing glasses recently to help correct his newly discovered vision problems.

Today’s appointment is basically a followup appointment to make sure his glasses are helping and don’t need to be stronger. There is a chance that if they aren’t helping enough he may need to wear an eye patch for a little while. Hopefully of course, that won’t be the case. I consider us really, really, really lucky that he actually wears his glasses without a problem, especially enlight of all the sensory challenges he has.

Shortly before we arrived at today, we had to begin preparing Emmett for this trip. Generally speaking, Emmett does really well at the doctors. The immediate wait is where he has a rough time.

The days before or the day of, he will perseverate or hyperfocus on the appointment. We will field tons of repeated questions as he becomes more comfortable with the idea of going. While we wait in the waiting room, it’s pretty much torture for him and us as well. Once he’s called back, most of the anxiety disappears and all is right with the world again.

Check back later for a complete update on how the appointment went. πŸ™‚


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