Today’s #Autism Discussion: Why does bath time have to suck so bad?

Perhaps this is a really dumb question, especially because I already know ow the answer.  However, I guess I’m more looking to hear others stories. 

It’s kind of like,  man, why does bath time have to suck so bad?

I mean,  it’s traumatizing for the kids on the spectrum, especially those with Autism and sensory issues.  Having said that, it can also be traumatic for the parents as well. 

My kids will often scream as though they are being tortured. In all fairness, in their minds it might very well be torture. 

Again I ask, we does bath time have to suck so bad?

Thoughts? Comments? Stories?  Leave them below in the comments.  


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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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shasherslife Lost_and_Tired Ha! Totally. We’re down to once a week #eek


We tend to not have a super lot of issues. he “tolerates” us dumping enough water over his head to rinse the soap out of his hair. he tolerates (fairly well actually) having his face washed. 
We are lucky in his behaviour but at the same time we did spend a fair amount of time working with him to get to the “tolerate” level.


CarlBainbridge “tolerates” sounds like a positive thing to me. Great job. 🙂


Water to my face *has* to be submersion, it can’t be splashing. So I can’t wash my face normally, or really all that well in the shower. I can in the bath by dunking myself, if the bath is big enough… (Yes, this is a full grown adult trying to get her head completely under water in the bathtub in order to wash her face. It requires flexibility, but I am a wee bit hypermobile so it works.)
I got better about my head with time, used to be my whole head that was like that and now it’s just my face.


yes_thattoo sounds like you have an awesome Mom. Thank you for sharing so honestly. It really helps. 🙂

First Lee

Is trying to get them to take a shower an option, or would that be worse? Or having them pour water over themselves?


@First Lee that’s a good idea but it doesn’t work for them. Hopefully down the road though. 🙂

Sarah Chierico

He won’t shower, you would think we were trying to kill him when we try it, but he likes the swimming pool so we try to make bath time as much like swimming time as possible, we let him wear trunks and goggles if it makes him calm, anything that works so long as he gets wet

Sarah Chierico

My kids love bath time, our sons head is very sensitive (SPD) and he won’t wash his hair, we have had to teach him to wear swimming goggles and swim under the bath water to at least get it wet so it won’t smell bad

Michael Miller

I’ve got 4-year old twins: one who is autistic and one who is not. In comparison, the worst part of bath time is them having fun and splashing/kicking water everywhere. Sometimes I yell at them, but most of the time I let it go (although last night it got bad). As much as they hate when I pour water over their heads – they seems to enjoy it when I let them pour cups of water over mine.
Both love going to the pool and water park, sliding down the slides, standing amid the water falls, shooting the water canons, etc. Oh. And being boys, they love mud puddles.


@Michael Miller that’s awesome. Every kids is different. Mine happen to not like water anywhere near their face and head.


Lost_and_Tired sad you have that issue: my daughter LOVES bathing, or going to the pool… in fact it’s hard to get her out of there


@antoinepratte they love playing in the tub but when it comes to water, anywhere near their face or head, it’s a nightmare. I’m glad your daughter does so well. 🙂