Our week spent commuting to the @ClevelandClinic

Our week spent commuting to the @ClevelandClinic

We just had our 4th and final appointment at the Cleveland Clinic in the last 5 days.  We have a short reprieve but begin all over again very soon.

Today, Lizze had to be in radiology for a Barium swallow study.  This was because she’s been choking a great deal lately.

Apparently, after the study was concluded, they discovered that swallowing isn’t her problem. 

The problem lies in her stomach.  They explained that basically, what goes into her stomach, just sits there and collects. The reason she feels like she’s choking is because sometimes, the contents of her stomach are literally backing there way, all the way back up and into her esophagus. 

I think this is called a slow stomach.

This might also explain the constant nausea.

Now we have to go back to her gastrointerologist and find out what additional tests need to be done.  There will be additional test required.

Aside from that, it was a 3 hour drive for a 20 minute appointment. 

That part sucked really bad, especially for Emmett.

Lastly, we had to do get Lizze’s knee brace before finally heading home. 



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