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Every night before Elliott goes to bed, he comes up with a million excuses why he can’t go to school in the morning.

There isn’t anything happening there to cause this.

I think it has a great deal to do with anxiety and him having to simply leave the house.  Majority of the time, this only happens before he goes to bed. 

Hopefully, today when he wakes up, we can once again get off to school without incident.

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What happens if you just tell him that it’s not on the table for discussion? I’m certain there are some things that are just ‘absolutes’. You wash your hands after the bathroom, you put away toys, you eat/drink________ (whatever his ‘go to’ thing is) to be healthy you can lay out your clothes for school in the morning, then you get up and you go. I’m certain even with their issues there have to be some things that are just not negotiable, aren’t there?


@Chefaimee those are really good suggestions.  However,  I think that something is scaring him at school