I just don’t think I’m strong enough

I just don’t think I’m strong enough

I have about 5 minutes to do a down and dirty update. Right now I’m exhausted, frustrated and confused.  I think I’m just done for today. 🙁

We met with the endocrinologist this afternoon.  What we didn’t know was that this was a very special endocrinologist, that is very similar to a GYN.

I still don’t fully understand the difference right now because they both seem to be filling a very similar role. 
It’s official…  Lizze is in menopause. Although at her, extremely young age, it’s known as premature ovarian failure. We learned today that they are the same thing.

For those wondering, this is not a good thing. 

Not a good thing at all. 

Lizze had 14 vials of blood drawn for a ridiculous amount of tests. 

She has to return for a bone scan, in order to establish her current bone density and a baseline to help address bone loss.

She also needs a mammogram every year now and has significantly increased her risks of heart disease and cancer. 

There are more problems but that’s all I have for now. 

We also learned that her body is so ridiculously low on vitamin D that she needs to take 100,000 UI per week for right now because it appears that her body isn’t absorbing vitamin D.

Lizze is not in a good place right now.  Honestly, she’s in a really bad place right now. 

This has been one of the shittiest weeks in some time.

Between everything going on with Gavin and Lizze, I’m so far over the edge, I can feel myself just shutting down. The problem is that I can’t allow that.  This isn’t about me. It has to be about them.

I just don’t think I’m strong enough.


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I have a feeling you will get get out of bed tomorrow, Rob. And that really does make you “strong enough.” it isn’t much, but it is enough. Regards, leslie


autiesmama thanks 🙂


A serious vitamin D deficiency can cause both migraine and fibromyalgia-type symptoms, among other things. Maybe you’re on the right track now to figuring out a lot of Lizze’s problems. I sure hope so, for all of your sakes.


I really feel the doctors will get this figured out.  I know this is tough right now.  you have all of us praying for you and we’re here to listen and help as much as we can.


Hang in there.  By just persevering, you are making a huge difference.  While Lizze’s results are a bummer, to be sure, they are not out of left field (which might be scarier).  Early menopause and deficient ovaries are really common complications of hysterectomies in young women, and vitamin D deficiencies go right along with menopause no matter when it happens.  It’s a difficult thing to have to face, no minimizing that, but most likely it’s the normal sequelae (as they say) of other issues.  Maybe that makes it easier to handle?  
You’ve been thrown a bunch of curve balls recently; I hope you can stay strong for everyone in your family.


OMG. I am so sorry! Do you think there is a root cause behind all this.. I mean does the endocrinologist have a theory on what has caused it? My oldest son has se eral mutations on a gene that cause poor absorption of vitamin D. Perhaps this is what has happened with Lizze, is that this gene has completely stopped working? My son also has to supplement extra vitamin D as well, but thankfully his deficiency is not as severe..

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