Worried about Gavin

We are supposed to be taking Gavin to the dentist this afternoon.  I actually pulled him out of school after my meeting because it didn’t make sense to go back to get him in a little while.  Plus we have to travel out of town to go to the boys dentist. 

Anyway, I noticed right away that Gavin is off today. 

I don’t mean off like poorly behaved.  I mean off as in something isn’t right and Lizze and I are both concerned. 


Gavin’s pretty wobbly today,  meaning he’s having a hard time with his balance. He also seems a bit disoriented as well.  He’s saying things that aren’t making any sense. 

I don’t know what to do. 

The dentist is just a check up, nothing major but he’s missed the last few appointments for health related reasons.

I’m honestly afraid to put him in the car.

Overreacting is something that I don’t want to do but at the same time, I don’t know that there is anything going on with Gavin that we could overreact to. 

If I stick him in the car for a longer trip like this, we could end up in the ER.  On the other hand, it could go just fine.

There’s simply no way to know for sure. No way to know what the right thing to do is, without erring on the side of caution.  

When there are no instructions and absolutely no clear cut right or wrong answer, what am I supposed to do.

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Gilda M Sanchez

The wobbliness and disorientation sound serious. Call the pediatrician or psychiatrist about this. If it looks like sleepiness, then it is a side effect of Clonidine…it subsides after a cat nap.

Jodi p

I ask this honestly I am not trying to start an argument but has it ever been visited that medication can cause symptoms he is having
Or a combo of certain meds. I work in dual diagnosis group home and we always have to watch meds side effects even when they are in them long
I assume he still gets med blood work. Do they check for everything med related
Some meds just stop working


Jodi p first of all, your opinions are always welcome.  Secondly, that’s a really good question.  Unfortunately, all that’s been ruled out, several times.  In fact, every time he’s hospitalized, they check for all of that and they are not to blame. 
You’re right though, in many cases, this could be to blame.


Go with your gut feeling, it you think it will be too much to make the trip to the dentist, then don’t go.  Trust your instinct.


Tokemise thank you.  That is good advice.