It’s taking its toll on me

I once again had the worst nights sleep ever. I’m so stressed out about everything from Gavin to losing our house.

I’m really worried about everything going on with Gavin and it’s taking a serious toll on me. 

There are a million other things that I need to totaled care of and I just can’t seem to focus very well.  When you have the knowledge that someone you love, especially your child, is in a life threatening state of being, how can you focus on anything else?

I know that life still has to go on and the world won’t slow down but I just can’t figure it out.


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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Jodi p

Losing your house?


Jodi p yeah…. We’re in foreclosure.  🙁 I’m hoping to be able to fix this.  We’re in a grey area because we are on land contract through a family member.  We can’t get hardship help because the mortgage isn’t in our name and my family member can’t either because they don’t live in the property.  It’s less than $2k to get current so it’s not impossible.  I just need some things to go write.


We lost our house due to my son’s illness 5 years ago. I hope you can find a way to pull through. You and your family are ALWAYS in my prayers!


I go through insane amounts of worry with my oldest, who is really sick with alot of things, including lyme disease. Just keep looking for answers. You took him to a cardiologist. that’s defintely a step in the right direction.  If the problem is with his brain, what about looking at medications that can lower inflammatory responses in the brain, like minocycline (it is used for brain trauma, strokes, and to modulate immune response in the brain in those with neurological or neuropsyche disorders,  ibuprofen, naloxone, or even spironolactone? In my experience with neurologists, these are some of the tools I have seen them use… I’m no neurologist, but maybe his doc would be open to exploring some of these. I will pray you can find some peace of mind. You are not alone..

Pam N

Rob – I almost never comment because, as a parent of a child with autism myself, I know how words from others not in your particular situation can often be unhelpful and – worst case case scenario – even preachy.  Please just know that people are reading and we “get it.”  You are never alone.  ((((Gorski Family))))


@Pam N please know that I always welcome my readers words.  Secondly, thank you.  🙂