The terrible 2’s again or sensory issues?

The terrible 2’s again or sensory issues?

Emmett is going through something and it’s remarkably similar to the terrible 2’s. With Emmett, the terrible 2’s were awful the first time around. 

This isn’t any better.

He’s really struggling right now and my heart breaks for him. The reality is that we are dealing with sensory related issues and there isn’t a whole lot we can do to help him. 

I have no idea what the triggers are and why he’s so upset but he’s definitely upset. 

He’s already been screaming for the last 20 minutes and at the time of writing, it’s 7am.

While Emmett is definitely paying the higher price, this is destabilizing to the whole family. Now with Gavin back in the mix, we need to keep things as stable as possible. 


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Have they checked his B vitamins and Iron lately? I know these are prime things that go wrong with my son when the sensory issues get out of control..He doesn’t absorb B12 well and always has low ferritin, which is absorbed iron. I remember you mentioning in the past that Emmett was slightly anemic. Maybe that could play a role in this?

Holly Terchila

except for the chewing on everything and walking on tiptoes my kiddo has all the other struggles.

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