OMG...... It took me two hours to get Emmett to sleep -

OMG…… It took me two hours to get Emmett to sleep

Like the title says, OMG….. It took me two hours to get Emmett to fall asleep last night.  He had his melatonin and benadryl but still wouldn’t give in and let himself drift off to sleep.

I sat next to him and scratched his back and patted for what felt like an eternity. 

After 1 hour 50 minutes, several muscle cramps and some new back pain, he finally fell asleep. 

H-o-l-y crap, he would just not settle down tonight. This kid was literally bouncing off the walls ever since the boys came home from school today.  I’d bet my last dollar that he was just a wee bit overstimulated tonight.

He did however, let me brush his teeth without any problems tonight before bed, so that’s a pretty big victory.

I gotta ware him out today and help him burn off some of this endless energy.  🙂


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That is one thing about the Autistic mind it does not like to slow down. lolThere
has been nights were I get into sometime in real life or in a game the
next thing I now it is like 1 to 2AM in the morning or later


AMDuser  That sounds like my kids 🙂

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