We've arrived @AkronChildrens Heart Center 05/24/2013 -

We’ve arrived @AkronChildrens Heart Center 05/24/2013

We have made it to our appointment, without incident.  🙂
Right after getting on the freeway, Gavin’s heart rate kept bouncing between the low 60’s and the low 120’s. This made us nervous because that means that his body isn’t coping with the car ride very well today and we need to watch him closely..

Thankfully, Gavin pulled through okay and we made it without even having to use the puke bag.  🙂


Because we arrived early, we first stopped at the Akron Children’s Hospital Center for Allergy and Immunology to have Gavin’s records transferred to John’s Hopkins per their request. 

That was a quick and painless process and should be done soon. 

Now we’re just waiting for our turn to go back and see Dr.  Clark. 

The last time we saw Dr. Clark was this time last year when Gavin was hospitalized for his first autonomic crisis. 

Wish us luck… We’re gonna need it. 

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