Pictures from Tuesday’s Therapy

Pictures from Tuesday’s Therapy

I wanted to share some of the pictures from Tuesday’s therapy appointment with Dr. Patti. Things went really well until Gavin had a tantrum. Gavin kept trying to parent his brothers and correct what he thought were problems. He was told to stop, several times actually but wouldn’t.

For the most part, the boys did well together and once again had fun with Dr. Patti.


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If it means anything the ‘parenting younger siblings’ thing is a very normal teen-age behavior.  It really stinks when they get a little older and believe that they should do it because they know everything and you are wrong.
Doesn’t make it acceptable, but it is recognizable.


MBee  you’re absolutely correct.  The problem is that Gavin is a horrible role model and what he tells them is usually not a good thing.  🙁

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