...and the verdict is: Manic and Psychotic -

…and the verdict is: Manic and Psychotic

We just got back from the psychiatrist with Gavin.  The bad news is that Gavin is indeed psychotic.  The bad news continues because he’s also manic as well.

To be completely honest, this wasn’t really unexpected. 

We’ve been suspecting that he was manic for a little while now but we’re allowing him time to transition home before pursuing the manic avenue.


Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with transitioning and has everything to do with his meds needing to be adjusted.  At this point our options are somewhere limited because nothing else has ever worked. 

What were doing right now is increasing the Clozapine as that’s both safer and faster than increasing the Lithium. 

Now we just wait and see. 

We do go back in one month and follow up. 

If this doesn’t work or he gets worse, I haven’t a clue where we go from there. 

I’m going to remain positive about this change and really hope that it works. 


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I hope things go well for you all and for Gavin’s sake.  he’s a great looking kid!  i’ve often wondered about trying those meds for my son.  he’s very explosive.  some days i’m afraid to be home alone with him.

Trish Morrin

Thinking of you guys always. Hope you get Gavin better. If I ever come into money Im there . Gavin is lucky to have such caring parents. You certaintly have my respect. Trish

Rosamund Smears

I’m sorry, hope meds get sorted. Know it isn’t easy…

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