Can you see what my son with #Autism sees?

Yesterday, Emmett really stressing out over his shoes.  It actually me a few minutes to figure out what the problem was.  When I discovered what was going on, I was really taken aback by not only how observant he is but also how sensitive he was about what he observed.

Can you identify what’s wrong with his shoes, in the picture below?



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MBee BankofWords @Michael ParentingPatch it’s actually the space between the laces.  See the above picture  that will post in a few minutes.  🙂


One set of laces looks darker than the other, but that just could be the camera/lighting.


What is it, then? I also thought first about the laces, and then about the Skechers and the Lights… Uhmmm


The laces seem like the answer, but apparently not. How about this: on the outside of the shoes where it has the Skechers “S” and the word “Lights”, might he be thinking they should be on the same side of the shoe?


That is my thought too.  The nature / nurture debate of lacing shoes.  Should they be identical or mirror images of each other?


The laces are opposite.


ParentingPatch that’s quite observant.  Close but no…


lostandtired ParentingPatch I can empathize. I have OCD and rarely wear laced shoes because I cannot deal with shoes that are not identically tight. I stick to slip-ons and buckles that are always even.