No matter how big or small our role, each is important

No matter how big or small our role, each is important

Lizze is having a really rough day today.  She’s unable to stay awake and is in a great deal of pain.  I want to try an get the boys to the playground today because they need out of the house.

My dreams of getting anything accomplished today have been tossed out the window as I’m shackled to the boys. 

I’m really grateful for Lizze because she let me have a 2 hour nap this morning because I’ve been up with the kids since before 5am. She’s now laying down and I’m going to give her as much time as I can.

We’ve developed a team approach to everything we do and no matter how big or small our role, each is important.


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Jenny G

Its good you guys have eachothers’ backs.  Its so important.  I’ve been up since 0300 with my son and no sign of a nap in sight.  But, when my husband gets home later on, I will go to bed as early as I can and let him take over.  Its all give and take.

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