A buffet of community resources -

A buffet of community resources

In an effort to help other families out there that are in need of resources that they can’t seem to find them, I’ve added a new resources section in the My Autism Help Forums.

This will be a database of community resources, listed by State and then further broken down from there. What you need to do is simply find the thread for your state and inside, post about a resource that you are aware of. If it’s located in a county that already listed, simply post it there. If your county isn’t listed, just create a new thread and add your resource.

I’m adding states as I get the requests for them. It takes a bit of work for each one and It’s easier if I simply add them based on your request. I will also add information for other countries as I get the request to have them added.

Please read the sticky thread located here, for more information.

I think this could become a great community resource for everyone but I need your help to grow it.

Please visit the My Autism Help Forum’s Resource Page and share your knowledge and experience.


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Christine Lyn Hostetler-Johnson

You are AMAZING!!!!!!!! I always had trouble finding things like this when Matt was younger. Felt like I had no one to vent to or ask questions…Felt so alone in this amazing world. The only ones I had that could remotely understand were my parents, my brother, and my hubby (at the time Matt’s dad & I split and Randy and I started dating when Matt was in third grade. Randy got a crash course on Matt and his “quirks” and quickly researched all that he could and has been there for us every step of the way). I think I would have been put in a padded room without them. Keep posting my friend, you are incredible!!!!!!! {{{{HUGZ}}}}

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