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One of the most amazing moments in the lives of my boys, unto this point, occurred yesterday.  While we were at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo for Dream Night, the boys got to meet a Giraffe, up close and personal.

All three of the boys were beside themselves.

Gavin couldn’t stop laughing and Elliott and Emmett took turns saying, “this is wicked awesome”.

It was an experience that they will never forget.  They actually fed the Giraffe, several times and Emmett was licked as well. 

Truly priceless……..


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Very cool!  🙂




@Fuzzy Cabbage @Laurie Schueler @Tina Banks this was an amazing experience and the entire event was free.  It was unbelievable and I hope that they don’t his again.

Fuzzy Cabbage

That is so cool!! What a great idea to allow the kids to have the opportunity to engage with the animals as opposed to just staring at them from afar. That’s something a lot of other zoos should start doing.

Laurie Schueler

Wicked awesome is right! Dream Night is such a great concept, isn’t it?


@Laurie Schueler Yes it is.. Yes it is. 🙂

Tina Banks

My son who has also as giraffes he has tones of pictures and toys