How to hang upside down like a Sloth

How to hang upside down like a Sloth

Lizze and I have made the choice to try and have as active a Summer as possible.  Exercise is extremely important in managing her pain and it’s also important to teach the boys about a healthy lifestyle.

We took the boys to the playground last night. 

Lizze sat in the car for a little while before coming out to join us.  She’s really sore from walking around at the Zoo the other day but she pushed though it for the boys. 


While we were there, Emmett became reacquainted with hanging upside down. 

If you’ve followed us for awhile, you’ll possibly remember that Emmett used to love being upside down.  In fact, he would typically hang upside down off the couch while watching TV. 

It’s a sensory thing.

Anyways, Emmett wanted to show you all, how to hang upside like a Sloth.  Enjoy….

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