Operation Hope: More bouts of chest pain

Last night Gavin had a really bad bout of chest pain. We were leaving my parents house and he doubled over.  It’s really  frustrating because no one can ever find anything wrong and we just had him to cardiologist a few days before this whole CPS thing went down.

The really scary part is that Gavin never complained.  Elliott found him and came running to get us. 

This begs the question, how often is this happening


Gavin’s really strange in the sense that he never complains about serious things and severe pain.  However, he will completely freak out over a hang nail.
I’ve always been told that it’s likely a sensory thing but it really makes things more challenging, especially when it comes to keeping up on his health. 

Anyway, we really need to get to the bottom of all of this because I don’t want him going through any of this, especially if it can be avoided. 

Right now we are in a holding pattern and waiting to hear back from John’s Hopkins. 

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