Please keep Emmett in your thoughts and prayers -

Please keep Emmett in your thoughts and prayers

Today is Emmett’s 5th Birthday.  It should be a day of joy and happiness.  While that is the case, it’s also a day of misery and pain because Emmett has hit another fever flare, complete with painful mouth sores. 

This makes him very grouchy and difficult. 

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers today. Hopefully, we can get through this flare up without much problem. 

Hang in there little man.  We’ll get through this together. 


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Crystal Barnett

I’m sorry to hear he is under the weather. I am fairly new to following your blog… could you explain “fever flare”. My son had fevers from birth – 2 yrs old every two weeks. We went through hell and back trying to figure out why. I’m wondering if his fevers are so far unexplained and if you’ve been to multiple doctors trying to figure it out.

Jason Michael Kasperek

i do hope he feels better soon and i hope you guys at least have a good b day

Cindy Harrell

Happy Birthday! Prayers and positive thoughts!

Debbie Hawsman Tomor

Happy Birthday Emmet!!! I hope you feel better real quick!!!!

Karen Grocki

Thinking of you little guy!

Shawn Snowdon

Poor little guy 🙁 Prayers being sent up for Emmett.

Christine Lyn Hostetler-Johnson

Awww, poor Emmett! Hang in there little buddy! We will be keeping him in thoughts and blessings today.


KrystalMomf6 MeaghanGood Melisssssa KyahJ  thanks everyone.  No one knows what causes the fever cycles but it’s doesn’t appear to be autoimmune.


Happy Birthday, Emmett! I hope you feel better and have a great day.


Happy Birthday to Emmett!  Hope he feels better soon!


What causes Emmett’s fever flares? Will he grow out of them? Is it an auto immune condition?


I hope he gets better soon!! Its never an easy day when our littles are sick. Happy Birthday Emmett – feel better soon buddy!

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