Sleeping in shifts

I officially declare this the worst fever flare that Emmett has ever had and he’s had a great many of them.

Lizze and I have been sleeping in shifts lately and so we are both exhausted.

Poor Emmett is absolutely inconsolable.  We were going to try and take him to a dollar movie because we were hoping that it would be a distraction. He was excited to go but complained that his shoes weren’t tight enough.

Then he freaked out because he wanted to spend time with Lizze’s parents and we can’t move him past this.

So Lizze called her Mom and she’s going to pick Emmett up and take him to see Epic at the dollar cinema. Elliott and Gavin were already over there because they spent the night while we were at the hospital with Emmett.

He’s excited and that in and of itself is a distraction.


I’m praying that these don’t continue to happen.  Not only is he suffering but it literally consumes all of our time trying to comfort him. 

He won’t tolerate the magic mouthwash.  We had to really push it on him yesterday.  A few minutes after taking it, he puked.

We just can’t win. 

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