Slow down speed racer, slow down before you hurt yourself

Today is one of those days that I have to watch Gavin very closely, so that he doesn’t hurt himself or anyone else. He’s having a very fast paced day thus far. 

Lately, Gavin’s really been struggling with the whole concept of slowing down.

He’s doing everything at hyperspeed and quite often hurts himself in the process. He can also inadvertently hurts others as well.

It’s likely part of being manic but he’s has a natural tendency to be a little speed racer.  When he’s in one of these speed racer places, he becomes more clumsy and is more likely to trip over his own feet and drop everything he picks up.

He’s hurt himself already today because he’s moving too fast. 

It’s exhausting to have to constantly tell my 13 year old to use his walking feet or slow down.  If I don’t, he’ll end up hurting himself again or running someone over. 

It’s gonna be a really long day.  O_0


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    • AMDuser on July 3, 2013 at 2:02 pm
    • Reply

    I know in your situation it is kind of hard with Gavin because on the outside we see his biological age for 13 and in his Teens, but who’s age is lower then the biological age.

    1. AMDuser you’re exactly right.  It does make it difficult at times.  Very well said.  🙂

    2. AMDuser you’re exactly right.  It does make it difficult at times.  Very well said.  🙂

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