Where did my wife go? -

Where did my wife go?

I woke up this morning and found that Lizze was no longer where she was, when I fell asleep. When I got up to look for her and found her downstairs on the couch.

Apparently, she was driven from bed by relentless hot flashes last night. 

I feel terrible because I was not even aware that she was struggling to sleep.  If she woke me up, I simply don’t remember.

Menopause is a an absolute bitch.


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Yes it is. As a woman going through menopause and fighting the pain of fibro and rheumatoid arthritis I can truly sympathize with Lizze. I no longer sleep in the bed. The recIiner is the only comfortable spot for me to sleep. So I sleep in a recliner directly across from a fan and a window A/C unit to combat the hot flashes. My joint pain from the RA makes lying in a bed impossible. And the fact that I cannot get up without assistance from a lying down position makes the recliner the best option as I can basically  “pop” myself out of it. The aches and pains of fibro make lying down impossible for me.

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