God help us…… Please

God help us…… Please

It appears that Emmett has rolled out of his last fever flare and right into another one.  That makes it only 3 days or so between flares.  This has happened a few times before but not very often. 

I suppose this answers the question as to whether or this this was a one time thing. 

Apparently, the flares are back, at least for now anyway. I have a thousand things racing through my head right now. 


Emmett’s going to be absolutely miserable and is already beginning to get cranky. The other thing I fear is how this will impact school in the fall. Most schools have a policy in place that says something like, any child with a fever of 101°F or above must stay home.

While to the best of our knowledge, he’s not contagious, we would still have to work that out. 

The other issue is that even if we can work around the fever policy, which I’m pretty sure we can, Emmett’s in no shape to go to school during a flare.  I’ll be really honest, he’s not fun to be around during a flare..

Right now we’re going to just keep an eye on him. 

He’s already warm to the touch, falling asleep during the day and very, very easily agitated.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.  This is a truly horrible experience for him, each and every time.  You can probably include the rest of us if you don’t mind.  We’ll need all the help we can get. 

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Pointing my virtual fan in Emmett’s direction with a nice, cool, gentle breeze. With this heat those fevers must feel even worse to him. (HUGZ)


HandbookMomma @Debbie Wilson dotdash @Cindy Wolf thank you all so very much. I truly appreciate you kind thoughts.  🙂


Definitely in my thoughts and prayers. I had a similar issue with Buddy. I almost forgot because its been so long since he’s had the fever episodes but those were not good times at all so I can feel your pain. You just have to take the time it needs to take and make him as comfortable as possible – which I know you are already doing that as well ((HUGS))

Debbie Wilson


Cindy Wolf

Rob, the last thing you should have to worry about right now is if he can attend school. Please know that most school districts have a system for accommodating this kind of illness. He would qualify for “home bound” instruction with a letter from your doctor. It’s probably best to give the school principal and the district’s office of student services a “heads up” so that everything can be in place by the end of August, if he still needs it.


Apparently, a common ingredient in toothpastes is a trigger for the virus that causes canker sores on the tongue, fevers and all.  Have you tried Tom’s all natural?  You probably have thought of this, but just in case…

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