I’m worried about my wife :(

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Lizze isn’t doing well today at all.  She’s in a great deal of pain and her tremors are really bad.  In fact, the tremors are so bad that she keeps dropping her phone.

This is of course, really frustrating and demoralizing for her. 

The meds to control the tremors puts her right to sleep and so that puts more on me. This translates to Daddy not getting anything done. 


I’m happy to help, don’t get me wrong.  It’s just that there is no one there to pick up the slack for me. Whatever I don’t get done, simply doesn’t get done and unfortunately, there’s a lot that needs done. 

Lizze needed to go lay down a little while ago.

Hopefully when she wakes up she’s going to be feeling a little better and will be able to help out.  I know she would if she could.

If I could get a nap, I’d certainly feel more rested.  Sleeping on the couch with Emmett is not restful.

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Sometimes it’s just one half hour at a time. Sorry you’re having such a hard day.


Crazy Girl in an Aspie World Isn’t that the truth.  Thank you.  🙂