He's not a danger to himself or others, yet -

He’s not a danger to himself or others, yet

I just got off the phone with Dr. Reynolds office.  Dr.  Reynolds is Gavin’s psychiatrist and one of the very, very few people who specialize in Childhood Schizophrenia.

Anyway, we have an appointment scheduled for August 27th.

They also have Gavin on a wait/cancelation list and Dr. Reynolds is going to working to get him in ASAP.  The truth is that Gavin’s not a danger to himself or anyone else at this exact moment in time. 

While watching him go through this is disturbing, on many levels, he’s not doing anything that would require immediate hospitalization or intervention. 

My guess is that we’ll be in to see him in the next week or so. 

Unfortunately, when you’re lucky enough to have a specialist of Dr. Reynolds caliber, it’s essentially a form of triage to get in. 


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