Please say a prayer for my Grandfather

As you know, my Grandfather had surgery this week to remove a tumor from his bladder.  The surgery itself went well and we still waiting to find d out if it’s cancer.

However, he’s still in the hospital and my Mom called tonight to let me know that he’s not doing so well. 

He’s still losing blood to internal bleeding and they can’t find the source.  He’s also running a fever and and his speech is slurred. 


They’ve ruled out a stroke or TIA but they aren’t sure what’s going on. 

Lizze and I are going to be very likely making the trip to Strongsville in the morning with my parents. Lizze’s Mom is going to try and get off of work to watch the boys. 

I don’t know how serious this really is but it doesn’t sound too good. 

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. 

Thank you so much.

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