Does lacking common senses limit potential independence?

Does lacking common senses limit potential independence?

Today’s question revolves around whether or not common sense is necessary for independence. I think we all hope that our kids will be independent some day.  I also suspect that many of us are concerned about whether or not that will actually happen or if it’s even possible.

I’m sharing one of my biggest concerns about this in respect to Gavin. 

I want to open this up for discussion so we can share our thoughts and opinions. 


Gavin is gifted in quite a few areas. He’s very intelligent and extremely creative.  His friends at school call him The Math Wiz because he’s so good with numbers. 

However, when it comes to common sense, Gavin is sorely lacking. 

To be more accurate, Gavin has absolutely no common sense. We see examples of this constantly throughout the day and as his father, I’m greatly concerned about what this means for his independence.

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