Share your most embarrassing #Autism related moment -

Share your most embarrassing #Autism related moment

Let’s be honest, most of us have experienced moments with our Autistic child that were embarrassing.  Being embarrassed is a natural  human response and nothing to be ashamed of. 

I thought that we could share our embarrassing moments. 

Chances are we could all use a laugh.  I’ll share mine with you first.

This involves Gavin and a trip to the local Chinese buffet.  When we were being seated by the hostess, Gavin said, in a really loud voice, “hey you all look exactly the same”. 

I wanted to crawl into a hole and die. 

How about you?


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At my stepmum’s 50th birthday party, there were like 40 people lining up for the buffet, including myself (right at the back). My aspie brother, then aged about 33, was at the front of the queue because he was very hungry. He then took his food, ate it in like 3 minutes, walked right past the queue without noticing it and went and got seconds. 
I kind of cleared my throat at him as he took his second plate of food back to the table, and said ‘Er…Will?’ and he looked at me innocently and said ‘What?’ ‘The queue?’ and then he looked at the queue and I have never felt so guilty because he was horrified. And then he wouldn’t go and get dessert, even when everybody else had eaten and there was lots left 🙁 It was quite funny until I pointed it out, then I felt mean.


It keeps us on our toes for sure.  
Caleb hates cigarette smoke.  Every time he was around someone who was smoking, he would fake cough as loud as he could and say, “Don’t they know that smoking is bad for them?”  Surprisingly, many of the smokers got a chuckle out of him.  Those who didn’t, we just shrugged our shoulders and race walked away.

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