Gavin's Latest Lego Creation -

Gavin’s Latest Lego Creation

For whatever reason, the boys have been into Pokemon the past few days.  They have a renewed interest in the collecting cards and the characters. 

They’ve dug out the Pokemon books and have been having Pokemon battling as well.

Gavin decided that he needed to make a Pokedex.  He made this out of Legos and he’s been using it to help identify all the Pokemon he encounters along his journey. 
He gets points for creativity on this one.  Great job Gavin.  🙂


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You can get a GameBoy emulater and download from coolroms Pokemon Blue or red 🙂
It will be off but funny is Gavin’s Alter Reality goes from Sonic to Pokemon with like Ash, Pikachu, etc.


AMDuser Elliott and Emmett have the 3d Pokedex on their 3ds. Gavin just likes to make things out of Legos.  🙂


lostandtired I have been working on the 1st season of Pokemon Cartoon Series. I only like Season 1, Also I am tring to get another Pokemon Blue Gameboy game because my other one was stolen and I had the game complete and even the Glitch also.

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