I think there’s a fugitive loose in my neighborhood

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For the last 30 minutes or so, we’ve been hearing helicopters circling our neighborhood.  We are also hearing police sirens and lots of dogs. 

The last time this happened, last summer actually, Canton City Police had chased a fugitive and they believed he was hiding in our yard. 

I want to go check things out but Lizze has forbid me from leaving the house. 

She’s right.

I just miss being in the middle of this kind of thing. When I was a paramedic, I was called out on some really cool situations.  By cool, I mean exciting and sometimes dangerous. 

I’m drawn to the things that others run away from. 

Oh well, I’m sure we’ll probably read about this in the paper this weekend and I fill you in on what happened. 



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Angela McDonough

we here them here sometimes too I just put the big dog in the back yard and keep everyone inside till i dont hear it anymore Your wife is right STAY IN