The night from Hell -

The night from Hell

Lizze and I actually went to bed early last night.  She had a really hard time sleeping.  About 3am, Emmett comes running into our room screaming because he’d had a nightmare. 

He crawled into bed with us and fell asleep snuggling me. 

I couldn’t get comfortable because I’ve had this knot in my neck for about a week now and it causing me a great deal of discomfort. It’s like a pinched nerve and with Emmett wrapping his arms around me, I just couldn’t sleep.


Eventually, I moved downstairs to the couch and fell asleep. 

However,  Elliott and Emmett both, ended up on the couch with me at some point.  I don’t even remember what time that was but there was no sleep after that. 

I’m sooooo tired and my neck really hurts but I’m just glad the night from Hell is behind me.

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