An afternoon movie with my boys

The boys and I are hanging out in the living room this afternoon, watching Rise of The Guardians. The Boys are so entranced by this movie and sit there peacefully and watching it.  That means that no one is fighting, screaming or freaking out. 

It’s two hours of time that I can use to get caught up on other things. 

Do you have a go to distraction for your kids?


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Lost and Tired


Missy Plenge

Lost and Tired I’m going to message you a question quick and see if you have some ideas for me 🙂

Missy Plenge

Oh then really glad it’s working for you today :). I think I’m going to break out the weighted vest for one of mine and hope it works :/

Lost and Tired

It doesn’t normally work for us either

Missy Plenge

I so wish that would work with mine especially today lol