Puppy Love

It’s pretty amazing to see how unique our dogs are.  Bella, our 1.5 year old boxer puppy can be a huge pain in the ass. That said, she’s the sweetest dog in the world and a perfect compliment to Maggie and the rest of our family. 

Just look at how she snuggled with Lizze on the couch today.  She’s essentially standing, even though it looks like she’s laying down.

Lizze had a really, really bad day and Bella glued herself to to Lizze’s side for a large part of the day. This was really cute because Bella held this position for like an hour. 

Despite all the stress and constant struggle, we are really blessed in the areas of life that really life.


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I used to have a dog, a husky named Laika (who has now crossed the rainbow bridge). She was the sweetest imaginable dog, and very well behaved, and beautiful with bright ice-blue eyes. She loved me particularly, I think perhaps because she was a stray and it was me who picked her up off the roadside. (For the first few days after her arrival at my family’s house, she kept waking me in the middle of the night. I thought at first she wanted food, or wanted out to pee, or something. But she was just checking to make sure I was still there. She was insecure, having just been dumped and all.) Anyway, one time I had an ear infection and was in great pain as a result, and I remember Laika snuggling up against me all night long, and licking my ear, the one that was infected. I don’t know exactly how she knew it hurt, since there was no visible injury and I wasn’t rubbing or anything. Maybe she could smell it. Anyway, it made me feel much better in spite of everything. I’m glad Lizze has a dog who will do the same thing with her when she’s sick.