What do you do when you feel defeated? -

What do you do when you feel defeated?

I’ve actually accomplished a little bit of writing today.  My First article for Akron Children’s Hospital should be going live today and that’s pretty cool.

The problem is that I just can’t help but feel defeated right now because of everything I have hanging over me head. We’re losing our utilities, one by one and just can’t seem to get caught up on anything.

I have less than 30 days until the boys are back in school and I’ll be able to really focus on working again.


Lizze will be able to sleep all day long if need be and it will not mean that I have to stop working in order to watch the boys.  That’s going to be huge…..

Feeling defeated is a really desperate feeling because it’s so demoralizing. It eventually leads to feelings of hopelessness and that’s never a good thing, for anyone.

No matter how positive I try to be, I just can’t always make these feelings go away. 

I listen to music, brush the dogs and even write but sometimes I simply can’t shake that defeated feeling and right now is one of those times.

I was wondering what you folks do when you feel defeated? How do you find the strength to get back up and push forward? This would be a great thing to discuss because I image that many of us feel this way from time to time. Having a few extra tools under our belt could help to address these feelings when they present themselves…….

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Lost and Tired

Good for you. Great attitude. 🙂

Nicole Logan

just keep going and remember I have a 100% success rate


Sometimes, I nap. (Yeah I know… not an option for you) Others I do something completely out of the ordinary…. which for me would be to dress my kids in crazy clothes and let them go nuts while I take pictures. And then other times chris gets interesting deserts because I decided to get creative in the kitchen!


nicole_leebeck that’s awesome.  In less than a month, naps will be possible.  🙂


lostandtired nicole_leebeck if you would like some of my “interesting” (yet shockingly mostly healthy) desert creation recipes lemme know. Your wife’s got my #. (bwhahahaha…. figuratively and literally!!!)


nicole_leebeck lostandtired Cool.  Always looking for cool deserts.

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