My son is driving me nuts -

My son is driving me nuts

I don’t know what it is today but Gavin is driving me crazy. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been sick and truthfully still feel under the weather.

Gavin is being…….Gavin. 

He’s not really doing anything wrong or at least really wrong. He’s just being annoying and won’t stop talking.  I realize that sounds pretty harsh but its the truth.

We were watching Madagascar 2 and he wouldn’t stop talking during the movie.  I asked  him several times to please be courteous to those that are trying to enjoy the movie but he would just start up again. 

I finally ended up sending him to his room because I looked over and he was letting Bella, aggressively bury her face in his crotch.

I sent him to his room because I needed a break and unfortunately, I had to watch the other boys and couldn’t remove myself.  We’ve had problems like that in the past and he knows he’s not supposed to let anyone, including the dogs, touch him in his privates.
Sometimes our kids can drive us crazy.  We’re human and can only take so much. It’s nothing to be ashamed of or feel guilty about. We just have to be sure to deal with things in an appropriate way. Sending your child to their room for a bit or removing yourself from the equation if possible, are great ways to help defuse a bad situation. 


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not that you need my approval but I’ll give it anyway yay you! you did the right thing.  
It doesn’t matter how much we love them the perfect the imperfect the normal or extranormal whatever you want to use to describe our kids they get on our nerves sometimes. Hell our partners wives/husbands/boyfriends/girlfriends do so why not our kids too. 
so in saying that not that you need my approval but I’ll give it anyway yay you! you did the right thing.

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