How are YOU doing today?

I’m still recovering from being sick but I’m wondering how you are doing?


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Angela Seitz

Lost in meltdown land 🙁 At least it is the work week so I am only dealing with it after work and during the night.


Today has been one of the better days. The kiddo didn’t throw a crazy tantrum in the car, so I was able to drive without having the crap kicked out of the back of my seat. He also took a nap, which gave me time to just sit back and breathe. And he has yet to tear up the new mattress we just bought him, so I’m stoked about that.


thefuzzycabbage hey we take what we can get.  🙂


MissyPlenge JBJID those are amazing victories.  I’m really happy for you both.  🙂


Hope you feel better soon :). My boys slept for more then two to three hours last night for the first time in over a week so I’m doing great! They are just now waking up 🙂


treading water lately, not sinking not swimming just staying in the one spot. it’s kinda comfy really I could get used to it anyway.