All Hell just broke loose (part 2 of 2)

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In my last post I was telling you everything that was already weighing heavy on me.  Now I’m going to tell you what happened that’s got everyone freaked out. 

Shit went down in our constantly deteriorating neighborhood that if I hadn’t witnessed, I wouldn’t have believed. Unfortunately, not only did I witness this but so did the boys.

Lizze had just gone to take a nap and the boys and I were in the living room.

I happen to look out my front window as I was talking to my Mother on the phone.  She was going to hang out with the boys, so Lizze and I could grab a nap. Neither one of us had been to bed yet.  I was too stressed out to sleep and Lizze has the whole menopause stuff going on.

I was telling my Mom that I was going to take the kids on a backyard adventure and that I would take a nap when Lizze woke up, so she didn’t have to worry about taking the boys.

However, before I could finish the conversation, I had to hang up because something was happening right in front of my house.  That something was the beginning of a string of insanity that I could not have made up if tried. 

There was a tow truck, hauling a small SUV down the road. As it was passing my house, some lady chased it down, hopped into the drivers seat of the car being towed (actually repossessed) and appeared to be trying to drive backwards while the front end was still up off the ground and firmly attached to the tow truck, that was driving away.

There was smoke coming from the front end of her SUV. The harder she tried to get away, the more smoke filled the air.  I could see that whatever she was doing was causing the rig her car was attached to, to shake considerably.

This prompted the truck driver to stop, literally right in front of my house, making our large picture frame window a pseudo big screen TV for some crappy, unwanted reality show. 

A war of loud and non-family friendly words erupted that penetrated the walls of our house as if they were nonexistent. Filling the ears of my three special needs children, which will undoubtedly require a later conversation about why we don’t repeat those words.
Lizze came downstairs and I stepped outside to try and figure out, what the hell was going on.  That’s when the shit hit the fan.

Turns out the lady arguing with the repo guy lives in our neighborhood (I didn’t recognize her at first) and as she ran out the door to chase down the guy repossessing her car, she neglected to close her front door, allowing her three pitbulls to escape and come running after her. 

I didn’t see this part actually happen so I don’t know what the intention was here but I could see this being an accident but also a means of intimidating the tow truck driver.

This all happened in less than a minute but it was totally slow motion. 

Next thing I know, I hear screaming coming from down the street.  Apparently, the large male, Blue Nose pit, as I’m told it’s called, had doubled back and ran up onto my neighbors porch, while full of people and started ripping into this little puppy.

It was complete chaos and the shrieking of the poor puppy being attacked carried through the entire neighborhood. This didn’t stop the woman from arguing with the repo guy though. I don’t know if she was just preoccupied but it took a great deal of screaming before she even looked back to see all the chaos happening only two houses down.

When she looked back, that was all the repo guy needed to make a clean getaway and he did just that.
By the time she made her way back to try and retrieve her vicious dog, the damage was already done. One of the men on the porch had literally bear hugged the attacking dog and was able to separate the them long enough to get the puppy out of the way. This guy was amazing because he couldn’t have weighed much more than this massive pit.

The woman ran up onto the porch and honestly, it was hard to make out what was being said because of all the chaos and screaming. I mean I was standing right there and it was absolutely insanity. There was blood all over the face of the angry, attacking pit and even as it was being pulled away, it was doing everything in its power to continue attacking the little puppy.

I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life. This puppy weighed maybe 20-25 lbs, perhaps more. However, it was being flung around like it was nothing. It’s was absolutely horrible.

She finally managed to get her dog back unto her property and I have to give her credit because she’s a tiny woman and this dog fought her every single step of the way. She was kicking it to get it back into the house and it just kept trying to come back after that little crying puppy.

After the dog was secured-ish, a heated argument broke out between the owners of these two dogs, both happen to be young woman.

The victim’s owner was obviously upset, more like distraught and was beside herself. I have to say that she really handled herself well though.

The owner of the attacking dog exchanged aggressive words, was pissed off and looking for a fight. I got in between them and kept them apart.

I told my neighbors to call the police and the dog warden. This needs to be handled by the authorities and we don’t want to escalate anything further.

The aftermath of this completely unprovoked attack left this sweet little puppy in a bad state. It’s had about 2 inches of its tail broken off and dangling, a large whole in its back right thigh and rips and tears all over its chest and front legs.

While I’m not a vet, these looked like pretty serious injuries to me.

I want to be very clear, I’m not anti-pitbull in anyway, shape or form. I’m anti-vicisous dog, regardless of the breed. I’m anti-bad-dog-owner.

What really got me was that this woman’s only real concern was that of her car being repossessed and not on what just transpired. She kept saying that she accidentally left the door open when she ran out of the house, like that somehow made it okay that she owns a vicious dog, with a history of attacks.

I asked the owner of the attacking dog if she was alright because she had blood all over the side of her face. Apparently, blood from the puppy that was all over her dogs face had rubbed off onto hers, while she struggled to reign it in.

The really scary part is that this at leastthe third time this particular dog has attacked this summer.

The first time was a few months back and two little girls and their tiny little dog was the target. Once again the happened right outside of my house. This same pit was attacking this little 5 lb dog as these two little girls tried to fend off the attacks.

I ran out and got in between them and the pit. Not the smartest move but at the moment, whatever…. The pit was clearly after the little dog and I picked up the little dog and moved away from the girls, so they could get away and that pit aggressively continued to go after that little dog, even while it was in my arms.

Thankfully, no one was hurt, including the little dog.

The second attack occurred a couple weeks later when this same pit escaped his owners house again. I wasn’t witness to that one and I come to find out today that we were actually really lucky that we weren’t home at the time.

Apparently, the same pit got out again and came up onto my front porch and was trying to get into our house to get to Maggie or Bella. My neighbors witnessed this happen. Before they could do anything, the pit took off across the street to my other neighbors house and attacked their dog, ripping a large hole in its back leg.

I knew that had happened after the fact but I didn’t know that the dog had tried to get to Maggie and Bella first and when it couldn’t, it turned on my neighbors dog.

I believe that makes 5 escapes from its house this summer, resulting in 3 attacks, 2 with serious injuries and one involving small children.

The police were called, as was the dog warden. I’m not sure how this will all play out. That said, I have a great many concerns.

I called my Mom back and she came and got the kids. They needed to be removed from the situation and distracted.

Needless to say that I also have three small kids with Autism, that are scared and have a great many questions. Elliott refused to go to bed and wanted to sleep with us. Emmett wants to move his bed back into our bedroom.

They want to know how to stay safe from the bad dog and also why the man in the truck, store the ladies car?

I’m really, really needing to get my family out of this place. I’d be satisfied to put up a giant bubble around our house and a couple of my neighbors and hide from the world.

So that was my day. It’s added a sense of urgency to us needing to move. Maybe I’m just stressed out and overreacting but I’m really, really having hard time juggling all of this anymore. As far as this event goes, we’ve done all we can and it’s in the hands of the dog warden now.

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Man I feel so much for you guys! {{hugs}} That’s horrible and I feel terrible for you! Keep us updated on the aftermath!

Becky Dean Lehto

I really hope animal control was called for every one of those incidents. Some states have a “one free bite” policy but after that a dog is labeled “dangerous” and must be moved or put down. That this has happened repeatedly is insane.

Deb Moncrieff

hmm, not good at all. I hope the dogs are removed from that lady and i hope charges are pressed against her.

Celeste Hardman-Monroe

Horrible set of events! It is eerie though. I have recently begun following my boys out when they walk our 9 lb yorkie because of the neighbor’s pit bull and the other neighbor’s Chihuahua. The pit wants to eat my dog and the Chihuahua wants to bite my boys. The pit bull is neglected emotionally and the Chihuahua is hit with a metal fly swatter when she misbehaves. Today I stood in my yard with a golf club ready to defend my boys and my dog against either dog. We can’t enjoy out back yard anymore.

Devin Smith

That really sucks!! I hope your family finds relief soon. I finally caught up on my gas/electric bills, and now I’m behind on my house and van. Not good!
That dog needs to go. So sad. It could be a child next!

Fatima Saldaña


Lost and Tired

Sound fair to me. 🙂

Fatima Saldaña

I agree to disagree. …I won’t change my mind

Lost and Tired

Thanks everyone. Writing this all down helps me to sorta process everything. I appreciate all you well wishes.

Lost and Tired

Fatima, pit Bulls are statistically less likely to bites than more common breeds. The problem is that because of their build and stance they are often made to fight in organized rings. Our Maggie is considered a pit, she’s an English Staffy and she’s the sweetest dog in the world and even personally approaved by the dog warden. She was seized in a police raid of a fighting ring and we rescued her almost 5 years ago.
She’s very Protective of the boys and our family but snuggles with the cats just as peaceful and loving as you could possibly imagine, especially being manhandled by 3 boys with Autism.
She looks intimidating but much like our kids on the spectrum and so much else in life, the more to them than meets the eye.
A bad owner can make any animal violent.

Wendy Kremer Baskin

Oh my… I have tears for you and your babies. I hope you’re able to move soon.

Fatima Saldaña

I disagree…..I would never ever own a pitbull.
Poor puppy. …
I hope your kids are able to rest tonight

Erika Lowery

I am so very sorry. I would be terrified for my kids, and my pets. Please move soon.
We are in the same situation with the bills. We are down to the last bit of our investments and the bills keep piling up.

Lost and Tired

Thanks. I totally agree. It’s not the breed, it’s the owner.

Karen Pollock

I really hope that puppy is ok? Poor thing! Shame on that awful owner. I love pit bulls, they can be the most beautiful docile friendly dogs when they have the right owner! I’m so sorry for you and your kids and for that woman and her poor puppy!


chefaimee Meaghan1985 JBJID JenniferWhynott thanks everyone.  I hate to see an animal put down because I value all life.  Having said that, in this case, it’s because I value the safety and life of other people, my own kids or another innocent animal,  that I want something done about this dog.  
We’ll have to see how this plays out.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this issue.  I truly appreciate it.  🙂


Hopefully Animal Control will come and that menace of an animal will be put down. I’m certain mine will not be a popular opinion, but I’m not running for Prom Queen so I don’t care. Once is an accident, twice isn’t, and the third time an animal attacks it’s time to go bye bye. (Actually, where we live? It’s two bites and you’re out.) Sounds like they might want to take a look at the owner, also; while some dogs are prone to violence (just as some are to herding, some are to guarding, some are to tracking), I believe that the fault almost always lies with the owner. Good dogs don’t just happen; most things that grow (people, plants, animals) do so much better with care and nurturing. I hope your kids bounce back from this; I think it’s obvious that your animals benefit your kids.


My god, how awful. What a terrible scene to witness. Can’t blame you at all for being upset, Rob. I hope that puppy turns out okay. I don’t understand why people keep vicious dogs and then blame anyone but themselves (and their dogs) for things the dogs do.


omg your poor kids poor you poor little puppy bloody stupid irresponsible idiots of owners of vicious dogs who need their arses kicked. wth is she doing with a dog that mean and nasty? words are failing me dogs like that don’t belong in any neighbourhood be they pitbull, Labrador or freaking small white fluffy  yappers. I hope your authorities take a strong stance and rid all of you who live in the area of a real menace.


I believe that Pits have gotten a bad reputation. Because of the breeding of bad tempered dogs cannot be controlled these poor animals do not fully understand their actions. I cannot imagine how this affected your children and you. I am so sorry all of you had to witness this. Most likely the dog will have to be put down because of his recent occurrences. It all comes down to being a responsible pet owner and it seems as though the owners can no longer control their dog. Not to mention I doubt the owners will be able to pay the vet bills for the poor animal since they are already having trouble paying for their vehicle. Hopefully the owner will learn from this experience and be able to make sure that she keeps her animals secured at all times and she checks their temperaments of the dogs she is planning on owning in the future. In the mean time, I hope your yard has a secure fence to keep the bad dog out and your kids and dogs in. Hopefully if this is the case this should bring some comfort to your kiddos. Also see if you can be in the loop about the whole situation and you can then explain what has happened to the dog. It may also help if they get to see the attacked puppy healing up.