We just got off the phone with Akron Children’s Hospital and have secured Gavin’s IVIG Infusion date. Unfortunately, it’s a bit farther out than I would have liked to see, because they are booked solid.

Gavin will be infused next Monday. 


Yes,  it’s a week out and yes that concerns me. However, there isn’t anything that we can do at this point. Gavin will be fine, it just pushes his schedule from the beginning of the moth to the middle of the month.

This kind of thing can happen and I could spend all day beating myself up for having to reschedule in the first place.

We felt at the time, it was the safest thing to do.  Lizze and I hadn’t slept in over 36 hours and could barely see straight. There was no way we could safely make the trip….

This is the consequence of that decision…..and we will simply make it work.

Something we can possibly consider doing in the future is switching to home infusions but those are every week and involve a small pump and a tiny needle in his belly. I’m  not sure how that would go..

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lukesmama thank you.  🙂


lukesmama thank you.  It’s not always easy to recognize that, but you’re absolutely right.  🙂


You got to do what is best for the whole family. I would have done the same.


JBJID emotionally, he’s better off at the hospital because he’s used to it. The process takes about 4 or 5 hours, once a month at the hospital.  If we didn’t his at home, there would be many more needle sticks and he would likely miss more school because this process needs done weekly.  🙂


What I know about IVIG could fit on a pin head, I know nothing so can’t comment on much but how does he feel about doing it at home? I’d think (again without knowing anything) it may be a better alternative or at least a less stressful one (what am I saying, everything is stressful or has the potential at any rate) enough of my burble. off to read up on IVIG

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