What can you possibly do as a family for only $5?

What can you possibly do as a family for only $5?

It’s been a long time since we have done something as a family, aside from going to the park. In fact, the last time we did something was a couple of months ago and that was a trip to the zoo.

Today the cabin fever got to be overwhelming and we had to do something. 

As you know, we’re broke as a joke.  What could we possibly do? How about take my family of 5 to the movie Epic for only $5. 🙂

The boys have seen it already but wanted to see it again. 

Well, our movie is about to start so I’ll chat you up later. 🙂



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In Massachusetts, the Department of Developmental Services is constantly offering free events–to movies, water parks, picnics.  Are there programs like that in your state?


@Kris Rollins @Kimberly Ann Miller @Katy Murray  awesome ideas everyone.  

Katy Murray

Peace Teas for everyone and a free concert in the park:)

Kimberly Ann Miller

dollar menu at mcdonalds and park

Kris Rollins

Nice. Wish we had that here! We used to have a dollar theater, but it went out of business.

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