Would you rather have a $1,000,000 or a fully loaded FedEx or UPS truck?

This is just for fun and I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone’s response.

If you had the choice between $1,000,000 or a fully loaded FedEx or UPS truck, which would you choose and why?


Don’t over-think this. 

The money is pretty straight forward.  The FedEx or UPS truck would be full of packages and you could also keep the truck.  You have to decide whether you would want a truck full of presents or the cash.

The truck load of presents could be worth more or less than the cash.  You just have to decide what you would do and than explain why.


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reonyea OnyxPanthyr Silachan JBJID great answers everyone.


I’d take the cash. I really want my own house, and I could help support my Mum, who has no comprehension of a budget.


I’d take the cash.  I’d use a little to help myself, my mom, and a few select friends with a few things, then either put the majority in the bank to earn interest or find some way to invest it profitably so it can grow hopefully quickly.  After that, I’d put aside some for my eventual retirement while also using some to randomly help make the world a better place for some people I come across.


Cash so I can choose what to spend it on since some of what I need are immaterial things.


the cash, and I’ll take that in US dollars too so I get that nice little bonus when I convert to AU$ 🙂