Houston we have a problem -

Houston we have a problem

So Lizze was notified that she was selected for jury duty last week.  She sent in her form and her number was so high that we never thought she would be called.  Guess what? Tonight she was called.

This presents a major problem.

She’s sick…..still and there’s no one to call and explain this to. Aside from that, Emmett’s in a flare and Gavin has a very important appointment with Dr. Reynolds in the morning.  There’s no one to help with the boys either. 

Even if she wasn’t sick, this isn’t something she could handle.

I’m not entirely sure what to do.  She physically can’t go. Her number, along with over 100 others, we’re all called and so they would likely send her home anyway.


At this point, the only thing I know to do is call the court house, first thing in the morning and try to explain our situation. If need be, we have plenty of doctors to be up her medical issues. The last thing in the world we want is for her to get in trouble.

I know people just don’t show up all the time, but that’s not how we operate.

With any luck, I can get through to someone in the morning and we can get this straightened out. 

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Angela McDonough

Tell them she has 3 disabled children she is needed at home to tend and they will usually let you out of it I got out of mine but i was having a Hysto the day after i was suposed to go so they let me out of it

Lynda Stacy-Visyak

For future, when you get your summons submit a doctors letter stating you care for special needs children. Our sons doctor gave us a basic sentence saying I care for a child with special needs, sent it in with my jury slip. They sent a me permanent excused letter. Wa la!

Amy A

The first time I was called for jury duty, there was paperwork attached to the form on applying for an exemption.    With just a doctors note, I was exempted for the next 5 years without a problem(they still try, I just fax them the doctors note).  Good luck!


onyxangel1976 Thank you.  I’m going to simply call in the morning and explain.  I will get documentation if need be.  I appreciate your advice.  🙂


If you type up a letter explainimg they should sympethize and she shouldnt have to go. I’d defi ately call and explain..but a typed letter also tends to speak volumes. I had to send one when i was called and my daughter first got sick as I am her fulltime.caregiver. They give consideration to the disabled,parents carimg for children as well as tbose that cant take the loss of income if they were sequestered for months. Hope that helps

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