Gavin's Lego Kingdom -

Gavin’s Lego Kingdom

I wanted to share what Gavin was working on today.  It’s his own little Lego kingdom and it was inspired by Elliott and I playing the old Ages of Empire’s II on our computer.

After watching for a little while, he decided that he wanted to make a Lego version and this is the result. 


I realized today, just how low our Lego population has become.  If it were an animal, Lego’s in our house would be on the endangered species list. He used a large portion of what is left of a previously massive Lego collection.

I suppose it’s time to start replenishing the Lego population. 

Anyway, he was really happy with his creation and wanted to make sure that I took a picture and shared it with all of you.  🙂

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Angela McDonough

My kids Autism doc at KKI has these brisole blocks the boys play with while he talks to them for some reason he is always facinated with what they build so much so that he takes pictures of it to show to his own grandkids He says they would both be great at enginering

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