Autonomic Crisis: Admitted (8/29/2013)

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Gavin is in his room now and officially admitted.  There’s too many weird things going on to be comfortable sending him home, without watching him overnight at the very least.

Lizze and I decided that she would go home and I would stay this time.  Staying would take way too much out of her and I’ll fare better than her so it was the right decision. 

The boys will be staying with her parents, because Lizze really can’t watch them for that long by herself right now.  Plus, if she needs to get back up here in the middle of the night, this will make things easier.

Gavin’s doing pretty well, at least to look at him.

The room is nice and relatively comfortable.  Gavin’s been playing a word find game the staff gave him and we will probably play go fish or war, a bit later.

I’m sooooo hungry and incredibly tired.  As soon as Gavin is allowed to eat, they are going to order him dinner.  Considering Gavin’s propensity to obsess over everything related to food and eating, he’s doing really well and I’m proud of him. 

I’ll keep you all posted…

Your continued prayers are very much appreciated.




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My thoughts are with you guys. I hope that this turns into an opportunity to make a few things better for Gavin.

Alexia Herbowy Conrad

Hang in there. Sending prayers.

Angela McDonough

Keeping him in our prayers


Has anyone checked his ammonia levels? .. By the symptoms he is having, that was one of the last things they had checked with my son during his hospital stay  (from a lot of the same symptoms and encephalopathy) we found his blood had a toxic level of ammonia due to a protein and depakote.. We are waiting for a confirmed diagnoses of Urea Cycle Disorder along with his list of dx’s.. 
 Prayers for Gavin, Prayers for all of you. Hospital stays take such a toll on all of you.. I hope they find what is happening soon! He sure is a trooper!


Lost_and_Tired praying for you guys!

Shalina J Black

I hope that he gets better quickly. 🙂


Lost_and_Tired wishing you the best Rob, you & the fam will be in my thoughts.

Gilda M Sanchez

I’m glad to see him stay at the hospital. The medications he has to take can put a huge load on his system. :/ I hope the cardiac specialist is communicating with the neurologist and psychiatrist. His psychiatric symptoms are complicated – I hope they are analyzed in detail. Find out if all the psychotropics are working at therapeutic levels and if augmenters are really working well with the main medication(s) that he has to take. Augmenters may be reduced or eliminated as warranted by the psychiatrist.


Glad they are keeping an eye on him. Remember to take care of you too, when Gavin gets to eat maybe you could sneak down to the cafeteria for a bite to eat yourself. Continued prayers.

Missy Plenge

hope he’s ok 🙁 Glad they kept him in to keep an eye on him though 🙂